Greek Timeline Assignments

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29 end of empire


You could make your kid do this, but I don’t.  Getting those BC pages dated right is mind bending.

1.  Set up your book like I did in this post.

2.  As seen in that post, put the lines, beginning and end dates, and tick marks on the following spreads:
p. 25 = 1200-1101 BC
p. 27 = 1100-1001 BC
p. 33 = 800-701 BC
p. 35 = 700-601 BC
p. 37 = 600-501 BC
p. 39 = 500-401 BC
p. 41 = 400-301 BC
p. 43 = 300-201 BC
p. 45 = 200-101 BC
p. 47 = 100-1 BC
p. 49 = 0-99 AD
p. 51 = 100-199 AD
p. 55 = 300-399 AD
p. 57 = 400-499 AD

3.  Print out the following documents: greek figures  AND greek timeline placement.  (If you prefer to do it throughout the year with OWAA readings use OWAA timeline placement WORD OWAA timeline placement PDF)

4.  If your child will be pasting, not writing the date statements, type the information from pages 123-124 of DYOCC into Word and print.

photo 1
5. Divide the statements and images and instructions thusly and put them into numbered baggies.

photo 2


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1 Kerry September 8, 2016

Ok so I am making it a goal to take on the timeline this year!! Still overwhelmed with it all… does anything get put on the pages with “Creation”, “The Fall,” “The Flood,” or “Babel – 2001 BC”? I haven’t found anything. This is our first year doing it, and wondering how to label the tick marks on those pages. Thanks for your help!!


2 admin September 15, 2016

Laura has people DRAW those as pictures. We have yet to do it.


3 heather August 20, 2015

Thank you so, so much! I always struggled with the timeline thing. I bought Sonlight’s timeline book, which I LOVE and will adjust the figures, etc. This make sit so much easier! God bless!


4 admin August 21, 2015

You’re welcome!


5 Jennifer August 6, 2015

This is amazing! Thank you! I am so happy someone shared your site with me! Do you have any pointers for 7 grade grammar? Pls lmk if so or where I can find it on your site.
Thank you again for sharing this with everyone!
God bless you,


6 admin August 7, 2015

Oh, this is my first year with 7GRD. I got NOTHING. I will post as I go along though!


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