WRTR for Parents: Lesson 3

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This is a continuation of a parent series on WRTR.

Rules 7-8

7.  There are five kinds of silent e’s.

If you are familiar with Sound Beginnings, this section is easy:

  • “Time” illustrates “job 1, jump 1.”
  • “Have” and “blue” illustrate “v, u, job 2.”
  • “Chance” and “charge” illustrate “c, g, job 3.”
  • *”Little” illustrates “job 4, needs more.”
  • “Are” illustrates “#5, no job e.”  Really, this isn’t always NO JOB. “se” is usually doing a job, but I’ll bug you with that later.

Also, we find the following rhyme helpful for Rule 6 and job 2 of Rule 7.  This rhyme also governs why ai, ou, ui, ei, and oi have to change to ay (Rule #18), ow, ew, ey, and oy at the end of a word:

English words don’t end in i; please use y.
English words don’t end in u; that is true.
English words don’t end in v; that makes three!
English words don’t end in j; say no way!

pictures 017

The /er/’s

Rule 8 is all of the WOR words.  We call it the Wormy Words.  Our dyslexia therapist says “W screws up everything.”  It makes OR say /er/ and AR say /or/ and A say /ah/.

8. Her first nurse works early. (W makes OR say /er/)

Obnoxious /ER/’s

If you have a poor speller, these can be a booger-bear. /ER/ phonograms supply VOWELS to the R sound. Remember crisp, not kerisp? It’s all about the number of syllables. That’s the clue to whether or not there’s an r-controlled phonogram in there or just a solitary R. Do you need a whole ‘nother vowel?

What hangs on your windows? crtains? Two syllables, two vowel sounds. c_r tains. Now the job is to figure out which one. Memory work. Again, if you have a poor speller, he may benefit from a story memory hook like the one above. My dyslexic daughter has a whole story revolving around “Lurch churning butter at the church” so she can remember the UR words.

Clear as mud?  Read over my teaching cards p 8-9

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