Memory Hooks for Geography Facts

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ACK, those numbers, right?  How do we remember the mountain heights and rivers? Well, here are the memory hooks we use.

You can use these several ways.

  1. Good:  You can just say them a lot.
  2. Good-er:  Sign the numbers when you say them.
  3. Better:  “place” them in an environment with you imagination.  See OZ and his ARK on the couch.  See Rain cascading down in your fireplace, etc.
  4. Best:  If you have a wall map, imagine them popping out of the map at the correct locations.


Oz went to(2) heaven(7) in an Ark and read five(5) magazines about the trinity(3).
One(1) time Rain Cascaded for(4) forty-one(41) days, oh(0) no!
Mitchell is six(6) foot six(6) and ate (8) four(4) pizzas. What an Appetite!
When Whitney was fourteen(14), she fore(4)told nine(9) forts(4) to her best friend Sierra.
I had fourteen (14) Rocks in my Elbows for(4) thirty-three(33) days.


Miss Pippi went to(2) three(3) forests(4) and ate(8) the squirrels.
In Missouri, they go to(2) school at 3:15 (3, 1, 5).
Once(1) in Colorado I whitewater rafted for(4) fifty(50) miles.
Thirteen (13) unlucky kids were oh(0), so sick(6) in Ohio.
Do I know the Column-bee? 1, 2, 3, is easy to(2) me!

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1 Shannon Crouch July 19, 2017

these are too cute, we didn’t use them last year, but I think I will introduce them this year, I think my kids are going to LOVE THEM!


2 admin July 25, 2017



3 Lauren June 3, 2015

OH my goodness, I can’t believe you did this! Actually I can, I mean OF COURSE you did this. But…THANK YOU! I have been thinking that I should develop something like this, but the effort seemed monumental, and now it’s all laid out for me. !!


4 admin June 5, 2015

Anything else on your plate? I might had a thingy already written for it.


5 Lauren June 5, 2015

What about memory hooks for the historical dates? They’re much better at those, but some of the dates don’t want to stick. Though the cards you made (and that we use) are immensely helpful.


6 admin June 6, 2015

I can do that.


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