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17850746425_0a3a824c0d_bI don’t know about you, but I need more charts in my homeschool life.  Have you ever looked at your yearly resources and said, “Are they ever going to get to ________?  Where are we HEADED?  Is catechism coming back around sometime?”  I can’t tell you how many times I “inserted” things into my yearly plans, because I thought they were being ignored, only to find out that it was scheduled a year or two later.  Or I obsessed over mastering something before the end of the year, only to find out we’d be relearning every year for the next three years! So, here’s a flawed overview of subject rotations so you can RELAX.

Below, you see K-6 on top.  These are the only ones I’ve actually taught.  I’m teaching 7GRD this year.  I have figured out what I can from DYOCC and the booklists, but it gets spotty after 7GRD.  Don’t you think that’s weird that we don’t know until we get there?  I do.  Anyway, here’s a pdf of the Subject Overview . (EDIT:  from comments and emails, I’ve been filling in some of the holes.)

Things you need to know about this chart:

  1. It’s not perfect.  You might have described stuff differently.  I may have forgotten something.  It’s just a general content rotation.  I am open to suggestions, especially for all those question marks 7GRD-12GRD.
  2. I included OUR present math plan.  I’m not going to delay algebra on kid number one.  The school actually does Algebra 1/2 in 8GRD.  And I think I put Geometry in the wrong place.  In high school, the school has Alg 1 in 9GRD, then Geom in 10GRD, Alg 2 in 11GRD, Adv Math in 12GRD.
  3. I included OUR present Latin plan.  We are going to do Cambridge.  Others do Henle or something else.  Just know that it’s LOTS of Latin.  If you master it and want to do another language 11-12GRD, that’s an option, I hear.
  4. It’s not the syllabi.  Don’t freak out.  Our lesson plans have more in them than a book list and general pace.  Well, not for math and science.  That’s just pacing.  Actually, I should dedicate a post to that.  I’ll do it tomorrow.  But know that you can’t possibly do “MoDG” K-6 just by having this chart.

So, any questions?  Clarifications? Ideas for those question marks?

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1 Kristin July 3, 2015

8th grade uses the Seton 8 book. A lot of discussions, a few comparative sketches, describe from memory, etc.

10th Geography is more Greek/Roman.


2 Kristin July 3, 2015

I haven’t heard of Warriner’s 10 being recommended in 10th grade. I think 9th is the last year of formal grammar.


3 Mary July 3, 2015

Hi Deanna!

I so feel your pain at having tried to cram it all in one year, only to find that we’d be covering the same material later. I’ve been an eclectic type homeschooler and would have really liked to have known this sort of thing earlier in my days. I’ve wanted to use DYOCC oft and on, yet never bought the book yet. It’s still on my list! I have read some of it as a friend loaned it to me a couple years ago, and I do have Harp and Laurel…..

I’m starring this to keep track of this PDF.


4 Kristin July 1, 2015

9th Grade notes:
1 Fine Arts Credit during High School–lots of ways to accomplish this, can be any yr. (Music, Art, Performing Arts)
Lots of writing in 9th Grade in: History and Literature, Religion and 2x week essays in Earth Science. Minimal writing in Grammar and Comp.
US Geography is incorporated into the History Syllabus


5 admin July 2, 2015

Awesome, thank you! So, after 7GRD there’s no more specifically assigned music pieces?


6 Kristin July 3, 2015

Not for high school. In 8th grade there are still assigned pieces: Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven.


7 Judy June 30, 2015

Having done it all once, Poetry is included in every syllabus. The second half of Harp and the Laurel Wreath is used in every grade but 1o. The emphasis is not on memorization but on analyzing the poems. In 10th grade, Ancient History, the Illiad and two Shakespeare plays are read.

Music is not included, but DYOCC has suggestions for each time period. My family has focused on vocal production because that is a strength of my husbands. I hope this helps you.


8 admin June 30, 2015

SUPER HELPFUL! I would have never guessed! Thank you so much. REALLY.


9 admin June 30, 2015

Can you tell me what is going on up there in art and geography?


10 Rachel July 1, 2015

Geography is in the history syllabus so the child does 2 maps with the same methodology as the Egypt map in 6thGR. Make your answer keys ahead.

In art the focus is still on careful observation of a visual object as opposed to a text. I found careful observation (and drawing) was a real skill when one teaches Natural History in 10thGR which in turn is a foundation for 12thGR religion.

Thanks for your suggestions on here. I’m looking forward to using them.


11 admin July 2, 2015

Cool! So the map drawing goes all the way up to 12? And how is natural history the foundation of 12th religion? I am so curious. Okay, and the art analysis is sewn into other subjects all the way up too? Correlated with religion or history?


12 Rachel July 2, 2015

Sorry, I was unclear in a variety of places. I should have proofread better.

The map drawing I was referring to is in 7th. 8th uses the Ultimate Timeline and Geography book again, and I don’t remember there being drawing. The 8th graders use a Seton art book about art through history. The 8th grade music is lots of Handel, Mozart, and Bach.

For high school, the best thing you can do for yourself is order the subject overviews for religion, history, science and and language arts which are available from the school bookstore. Laura is funny and gives a beautiful vision and understanding of what is to come for the 4 years of high school. Also, check in the enrollment book for graduation requirements because the subjects you teach aren’t quite the same as in the K-8th. So the drawing, for example, was huge in Natural History, but I don’t remember them drawing at all in 9th grade. The skills they learned in the early years get used, but there is no longer music to listen to or drawing as a course in high school unless you choose that as their Fine Arts requirement. Does that help?

And I hate to say I’m not sure how the Natural History will lead to 12thGR religion because my oldest will be in 11th this year. Wiser heads than I told me. I *suspect* that it’s because Natural History is about the nature of a thing: its purpose and God’s design. 12thGR religion is Catholic doctrine, so maybe what is the nature of man? What is our purpose and God’s design for us?

13 admin July 3, 2015

Man, all this is so helpful! I’m going to update the pdf and link accordingly.


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