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17642584016_6f750c63e0_z“Child Sized Masterpieces” are little.  I was wondering when this would come up.  In 7GRD, it’s finally mentioned.  There are two recommendations that year.  Get Art Memo.  Get some bigger prints from National Gallery.  I took my art budget and went a slightly different direction.  I got bigger prints…really cheap.   I got them at  June is a great time to get CHEAPO calendars.  I bought them, took them apart, and ran them through the laminator.

photo 3 (3)Tips for Calendar Prints

  1. Buy in June.
  2. Filter by “2015” and “wall calendar” and the subjects “Art” and “Religion.”
  3. Sort by price. (Hint: some calendars display as $15, but they’re in the sort order in the right place because the 2015 price is $2.)
  4. VERY IMPORTANT:  Look at the backs of the calendars to make sure they are the FULL image, not “detail” shots.  The best “tell” is that they will all be different sizes.  Notice the good one below, followed by the bad one.


Every shot a perfect 12×12?  Not likely.

For example, there are a gillion Van Gogh calendars, but the 1.49 one HERE is the best.  See the white space?
201500004225_1NOT this one that is more expensive.  Look what they did to Starry Night!  It’s CHOPPED:



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1 Annie June 17, 2015

You can use coupon code SUMONE right now for 1.00 shipping. FYI


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