K-2 Hymns on Your Devices

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We do our hymns during circle time, just after read-aloud, while I’m sitting on the couch.  That means I’m not close to the desktop or any CD player, so the most convenient thing for me is to play them on the chromebook or other device.  The first place to go for the hymns is Catholic Chant.  He has them laid out by school year, especially tailored to our needs.  However, not every hymn has a sound file.  For that, I’ve created a youtube playlist that you are welcome to use.  Whenever you find a hole on that site, head to my list and find the missing version.  Hope that helps!

Below is the list of hymns not found on the Catholic Chants site.  The italicized two, I couldn’t find on youtube with the right tune.

First Grade

  • Pange Lingua (English: Sing, My Tongue)
  • Pange Lingua (Latin)
  • Jesus, Lord, Be Thou Mine Own
  • Vexilla Regis (English: The Royal Banners)
  • Vexilla Regis (Latin)

Second Grade

  • Resonet in Laudibus (English: Who is He in Yonder Stall?)
  • Resonet in Laudibus (Latin)
  • Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent
  • Divinum Mysterium (English: Of the Father’s Love Begotten)
  • Divinum Mysterium (Latin)

*Note Creator Alme Siderum is repeated from Kindergarten.  Look up in Kindergarten on Catholic chant for the sound file.

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1 Nicole May 5, 2017

When you say you do the hymns during circle time, do you mean you listen to them or you sing them?


2 admin June 7, 2017

We used to listen, but after a time or two through, we sing them instead.


3 Jen September 1, 2016

Thank you so much! This will be my 6th time through K, and I have never been able to use the CD because the voice puts my teeth on edge. I am so glad to have other choices for introducing this music to the kids. Thanks for all your hard work!


4 admin September 5, 2016

I know, right? I don’t want to speak ill, but that voice is hard for us too!


5 Jennifer July 31, 2016

Did you take down your youtube playlist


6 admin August 1, 2016

Poop. I didn’t know anyone was using that. I thought I had already changed all the links to this one. It has EVERYTHING laid out by year and has the lyrics. http://www.catholicchant.com/modg.html#CreatorAlme(Latin)


7 admin August 1, 2016

Nope, I’m wrong. Those sound files are still missing. I’ll get it back up today.


8 admin August 6, 2016

I put it back


9 Melissa July 22, 2016

Thank you for this link!!!
As I start kindergarten for the 4th time,
I’m looking forward to listening to a new voice!


10 Lauren March 29, 2014

Once again, THANK YOU! I have been looking for something like this.


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