St. Joseph Books for Read-Through or Report

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We don’t do reports on the Our Lady books, but the three you see above are decent read-throughs and in some cases the only books available on the topic.  Below you see Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It’s broken into sections and reads more like a continuous story than book mentioned yesterday.


The Fatima book is the only children’s one I’ve seen.  I hear the Jesus and Mary by Neumann press also has information about Fatima, but I haven’t see it yet.  We don’t really do thisone though, since the kids die.  My kids are REALLY sensitive.



Our Lady of Lourdes has quite the long section in the middle that is a continuous story.  And again, it’s almost the only one on the market.  We love this new Bernadette book, but if you’re on a budget, a $1.50 St. Joseph book is the way to go!



The next group actually works best for kids doing oral saint reports.  They are arranged in the same vignette format like the books from yesterday (so of course you could use them as a theme over a week), but since they are biographical, they can be read through by an older child, like an attractive encyclopedia article.  Unlike the “biographical” ones from yesterday, these use a lot of facts and dates and place names.


Below you see the first page of the Martin De Porres book.



See?  Locations, historical context, dates, all that.  Great for saint reports.  The rest is vignettes as you see below, continuing all the way to his feast day and patronage.  And since November isn’t that packed for saints, you could spend a week on him as a theme, if you liked.



Next is Elizabeth Ann Seton.   It follows her life as well from birth.  Here is the last page so you can see how the beatification stuff if generally handled.


The Kateri Tekakwitha book is cute too.  Since she’s in the summer, this only gets used for reports around here, not for her feast.  You will have to add a bit at the end about her beatification, since it’s recent.



The ever-popular Saint Patrick has his own book. We have lots of books we like on him, though, so this is only for reports.




Same for Therese.  We have books we love to read on the couch, so this one is more about doing reports.  That, and her week is so packed, there’s no way to do the vignettes over time for us.  We need a one-and-done Therese book.IMG_0925


We haven’t done a report on Padre Pio, but if we do, this is the book we’d use.IMG_0926


Again, we have books we love already for St. Francis, so this one is used for reports.


Here is the end of the Pope John Paul II book.



And the St. Joseph Mother Teresa book is gentler than most.



Other books that fit this category that we don’t own are: St. Anthony of Padua and St. Francis of Paola

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