Saints and Liturgical Resources for March

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This year we are trying out two new books for Lent:  My Path to Heaven and Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls by Houselander.

MARCH: Lent starts March 5th

Little Rose of Sharon by Gurley (easy to find used)
Little Acts of Grace by Gortler
Way of the Cross for Children by Winkler, if you do the stations at home.

17 March: Saint Patrick
Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by De Paola
Around the Year with Once Upon a Time Saints by Pochocki
(>1) A Story of St. Patrick by Janda  OR (>1) And God Blessed the Irish by Driscoll  See inside these two HERE.

19 March: Saint Joseph, husband
Song of the Swallows by Politi (easy to find used)
Around the Year with Once Upon a Time Saints by Pochocki

Activities for Lent

We have several Lenten traditions:

  • We always sign up for the Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure.  It’s free and the kids love the daily videos.
  • We have Stations Candles and I have a VERY abbreviated version of the stations that we pray on Friday.  Each child gets to light a certain number of candles and blow them out at the end.  Totally a favorite.
  • In the yard on Ash Wednesday, we burn the palms from last year and say some prayers over them.  Again, fire is a favorite.
  • Inside the house we “Bury the alleluia” in a box, that sits on the mantle till Easter.
  • This year, we will also do the sacrifice beans that turn into jelly beans.

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