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I have a couple of littles that will be coming up behind my bigs, and so I’ve looked over the lists again to see what we have and what’s in and out of print.

On the main booklist:

All still in print!  YAY!

On the Saints’ Feast Days:





There are beautiful illustrations inside.


  • The Story of the Three Wise Kings  by De Paola is only available in the new book:  Joy to the World.  It comes with The Night of Los Posadas and  The Legend of the Poinsettia.  Both are in print, but the only way to get the Kings is to buy them together.


  • Mary the Mother of Jesus by De Paola is only available on Kindle. We are currently in deliberations at our house about a new Mary book.


  • St. Patrick and the Peddler by Hodges is OP, but there are MANY Patrick books out.  This one is less about Patrick and more about the peddler anyway.
  • Across a Dark and Wild Sea is a St. Colum book that’s OP.  I haven’t found any substitutions, unless you want to try out the very wordy Betz book recommended for older kids.

On the Liturgical List:


  • Petook: An Easter Story by Houselander.  OP, but easily findable in libraries.  Easter is for Me is used by Catholic Mosaic.  See it above and below, and at the top of this post.


  • Can You Find Followers of Jesus?  AND Can You Find Bible Heroes? are OP.  I haven’t seen these, no substitutions yet.

On the Read Aloud Fiction List:

  • The Burkert illustrated Andersen tales are OP.  I haven’t seen this one, but it’s the only version in print without a listed ADAPTER.
  • Chimney Corner Stories might come back out through TAN.  Remains to be seen.  (EDIT 2/2015:  I found one.  It’s “nursery tales” like “Three Little Pigs” and what not.  Easily substituted.)
  • Stories that Never Grow Old is OP. (EDIT 2/2015:  I found one.  It’s Aesop and some Andersen/Grimm/Perrault fairy tales.  Easily substituted.)


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1 admin February 12, 2014

Aw, I’m so glad. I *need* to share my book nerdiness.


2 Lynne February 12, 2014

I love these lists & descriptions! So useful. My wish list at Amazon is growing with each post. : ) thank you!!


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