Buying the Oldie Goldie Catholic Books

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Here are the little golden oldie Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls Vol I and II.  Below is the most important fact about dropping the dough on them.

They’re tiny. I was shocked.

Inside, you’ll find delightful stories, though.  We especially like #1.  #2 Get’s too sad around page 60, but I’m still glad to have it.  They won’t take you more than a few days to get through, in contrast to the books by Houselander and Marigold Hunt.  They take WEEKS.

Next you see the cover for one of the Saints and Friendly Beasts books. These are hardback, but only about 40 pages each.
They have pictures, but they also have LOTS of words. These are not 1GRD books for my people unless they’ve already seen a picture book and have something to work on while they listen. Like the D’aulaire biographies, there’s no way to get through one in under 15 minutes, but unlike the D’aulaires, all of the pictures are black and white. These are probably 2 day books for most families.
I don’t have a cover shot, but this is the inside of the Catherine of Alexandria book. The Flavius and Ernest books are about the same number of pages as the Betz books, but slightly less wordy.  They’re still a 2-day book for us, though.

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1 Mary F February 8, 2014

Me, too!

I have enjoyed several articles and keep your ezine coming. Ever since I’ve signed up I’ve had a super busy life! Two deaths in the family and now the flu….

Yes, the pictures are a giant help. So many of the books you’ve shown are books we’ve used for years so it’s nice to see new pictures of them! :-)


2 Annie February 8, 2014

Thank you. Your book reviews with pictures are very helpful.


3 admin February 8, 2014

Thank you! I do feel sometimes like I’m talking in to the dark. It’s SO encouraging to get feedback.


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