#2 How to Bundle Your Other Mom-Work

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mama workPARTS OF THIS POST ARE NOW OBSOLETE.  Enrolled families have online syllabi.

In the last post, I explained several methods for bundling your memory work assignments so as to get them done in one sitting.   It’s the number one way to make working with multiple grade levels go smoothly.  Number TWO is to bundle the rest of the “Do this with me” parts of the assignments into a single grid.  In my house, each child gets ONE sit down session with me a day.  I check all of their alone work, do all their memory work, and do all their DO WITH ME assignments in one sitting.  (Helpful hint, work youngest to oldest doing this so your BIGS can be doing all their alone work BEFORE they get to you and your LITTLES can get done and play.)

Last post, we bundled the memory work.  The easiest method was highlighting, but the most helpful method for me is to get it all on one page.  I find that for the “Do this with me” work, this is unnecessary.  As long as I have a grid of what subjects happen that week, I don’t mind turning pages to different assignment lists.  And since these subjects are usually more involved in the instruction department, it would be a nightmare to get multiple subjects lined up on one page.

So here are the ways I have done it.  Some are more or less time intensive, but again, each are TOTALLY worth it for your sanity.

EASIEST METHOD….Working from printed syllabii without recopying lessons:

  1. Go through the whole year and HIGHLIGHT the mommy-intensive part of each lesson in a color you don’t use for anything else.
  2. Make notes when you just need to “check” work too and highlight that.
  3. When the child comes to you each day, do all the highlighted work at once.
  4. If you are using online syllabi, print out all of the subjects that have Mama Work for each week and highlight those.

BETTER….Write a GRID:  

  1. Go through each and every assignment for the week/year and find the MAMA part of the assignment.
  2. Jot down, or type, in an abbreviation in each box that directs you to the right place in your assignment lists, like “ILL 14″, “P&P 6″, etc.
  3. You may want to group the assignments by type of Mom Activity rather than by “subject”.  SEE PICTURE ABOVE.  Like, for me, MEMORY WORK is a line, CHECK WORK is a line, and things like DISCUSSION have a line.  In a week, I have to discuss 5th grade P&P, Baltimore Catechism, or go over some pages in Ulitmate Timeline.  Regardless of where it is in the syllabus that week, I put only one of those a day.   I always do Faith and Life on Monday, Baltimore Catechism on Tuesday, Pioneers an Patriots on Wednesday, Ultimate Timeline on Thursday, and Friday is always Leftover Day.  Some weeks that means we have a discussion every day, some weeks we only have two.  READ ALOUD is also it’s own line for my struggling 4th grader.  I still have to read aloud most of the history, science, etc.  I put one of those in a day, regardless of where it is in the syllabus.
  4. SCAN IT into your computer if possible, so that you never have to do it again for that grade.

BEST… Type a GRID:

  1. See the picture at the beginning of the post./li>
  2. Follow the method from the written method, but just type instead.

SUPER-ULTRA-CRAZY, but AWESOME….Typed Assignment sheets.

Since I have the online syllabi, I copy and paste in the whole year of assignments and delete out all the memory work (has it’s own sheet now) and the kid-work (Kid Work Grid, NEXT POST).  See Religion 2 below and notice that there is no memory work…

religion sheet



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