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PARTS OF THIS POST ARE NOW OBSOLETE.  Enrolled families have online syllabi.

Over the years, I have bundled the memory work for homeschool in several different ways.  I have found this to be the number ONE way to make my day go smoothly.  Number TWO is to bundle the rest of the “Do this with me” parts of the assignments.  But, that’s the next post.  In THIS POST, I have the resources for the memory work already put together so as to be printable, but someone asked me a brilliant question:  Do you have a master list for what to do each day?

YES.  How silly of me.  Above you see my super fancy version.  There was also this one earlier in the year, but it wasn’t working for me.  I need check boxes.


So here are the ways I have done it in the past.  Some are more or less time intensive, but each are TOTALLY worth it for your sanity.  The fastest methods just require a highlighter, but the more time consuming methods get all the memory work for the week ON ONE PAGE.  This is totally worth it for me.  I will spend a week doing the formatting just so I don’t have to flip pages.

EASIEST METHOD….Working from printed syllabii without recopying lessons:

  1. Go through the whole year and HIGHLIGHT the memory part of each lesson in a color you don’t use for anything else.  
  2. When the child comes to you each day, do all the highlighted work at once.

HARDEST METHOD….Working from printed syllabii with recopying:  

  1. Get a lesson planner or print one here.  
  2. Go through each and every assignment for the week/year and write down the memory part of the assignment, all on one page.
  3. If this is overwhelming, do a bit every day during breaks and summers.
  4. SCAN IT into your computer if possible, so that you never have to do it again for that grade.

*****Helpful hints for all “recopying” or “typing” versions:

  • Generate a coding system so that you can use abbreviations like “Go over BF2, review GW.”
  • If you are using something like Baltimore Catechism 2, go through your book and circle all the numbers in pencil so that you can just code a chapter number, instead of all those questions numbers.
  • If you are doing a flashcard subject, like English from the Roots Up or my States/Dates/Mountains and River cards, number the cards and just code in the numbers rather than writing out the words.
  • Be sure to go through my Recitation Book, so you know what lists are already there and add anything else you need, to keep you from writing it out in your lessons (like the individual Mountain Heights, etc.)

Working from printed syllabii in Excel

  1. Code in, according to your skill level with Excel.  If you know how to copy cells to make series, do that for many of the chapters and lesson and then just copy and paste it all over in the weeks you need.  If you know how to filter, you can mass edit all of a certain kind of assignment at once or add borders and check boxes easily.
  2. Print with the scaling option “fit all columns on one page.”

EASIEST METHOD for Online syllabi

  1. Like the printed syllabii, the easiest thing here is to select and print the subjects that contain memory work FOR YOU and just highlight it.
  2. When the child comes to you that day, do all the highlighted work and ignore the rest.

Online syllabi with Excel (my method, complicated but GORGEOUS need NEVER be repeated.)

  1. Make a WIDE column in Excel for each memory work subject.
  2. Copy and paste the whole year into Excel side-by-side, with columns in between.
  3. Add a new column to the left of the whole mess.
  4. Make sure the Weeks and Day titles all line up.  This is the time consuming part.  Some weeks she has loads of instructions and that will throw off your alignment.  Add or delete cells to make it even.
  5. Filter by “begins with”  and type in WEEK.
  6. Highlight all of the empty columns and add think outline borders.
  7. Clear filter and you should have check boxes.
  8. Filter by “doesn’t begin with” WEEK and you can bulk edit the assignments, deleting non-memory work instructions, repeat pasting one once you get it how you like, etc.
  9. Clear filter and you should have abbreviated assignments.
  10. You may also use the “find and replace” function to delete big chunks of words, like when she announces the title of the book in every assignment.  Just copy and paste the title into the “replace” window, put a “space” in the bottom cell and “replace all.”
  11. Highlight every other week and color it gray for ease of reading.
  12. Print preview with “all columns on one page”
  13. Adjust column width and what not until the layout pleases you.  Print.

Some of these can be quite time consuming, but I promise, it will make your whole year go smoother!

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