A Peek Inside: Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide

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I got this book used for a very reasonable price. If, however, you want the CD that has all the printable maps…you will likely pay $35-40 for it. I already have a mapping program on the computer that I love.  So, I didn’t need the CD.  Also, I wanted to “get in closer” to the countries than the provided maps allowed.  The “Map it” exercises in this book sometimes require a country size view rather than a continent size view, if you want to do it on normal paper and not blow it up.

This book is used in 5th and 8th.  I have no idea it’s function in 8th, since I haven’t taught that yet.  But for fifth, I can tell you what’s going on.  You basically use TWO chapters all year.  The first one:


For each continent and biggest country(ies) there is a page or two of facts to go over with your child.

Then, the child will do the “map it” exercises, using an atlas, computer, or in our case, OLD World Book Encyclopedia.  See the list below under “Map-It”.  If the list is over ten items to map, the syllabus splits it over a few weeks.


Then next chapter you will use contains all of the outline maps.


Like this one.



I wonder how it will be used in 8th grade.  It’s a pretty fat book!


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1 Susie November 15, 2013

You might want to check the modg yahoo group files for some help files I made for making neat maps, I made typed up pages to cut the ‘labels’ and paste. Then the child can get all the labels on the map neatly by drawing a straight line with a ruler from the pasted label to the spot on map. Hope you find this helpful! Bless you, Susie in KS


2 admin November 16, 2013

Excellent! Thank you.


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