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Latina Christiana is our fifth grade program.  I find the CD’s and teacher’s manual indispensible.  My son does most of the work on his own, but I check it daily.  

Each weekly lesson is only one page spread, but for us, that’s plenty.  The work is less memory and more translating.  The child is expected to not only memorize the conjugations and declensions, but use them in very short sentences and have some ideas of their own about derivatives.  He listens to the CD on Monday, does exercises A and B on Tuesday (alone, and generally successfully), C and D on Wednesday (requires LOTS of help), and has a quiz from the back fo the teacher’s manual on Thursday.


On top of the workbook, the syllabus has daily vocabulary and memorization reviews.  We always do that work together.

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1 Janette September 29, 2015

Do you happen to have a Master List of the vocab words by Lesson? I was thinking of doing that but thought I’d ask first :)


2 admin October 8, 2015

Sorry I don’t, but the fast way to get one is to export it as a data file from Quizlet (for example, https://quizlet.com/29645031/export). Then you can copy and paste it into word and just mark where each lesson ends.


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