A Peek Inside: Drawing Textbook (and Draw Squad)

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This is a slim little book about drawing literacy.  I love the idea.  I love that people should be able to communicate reasonably well in images.  As you can see below, it’s not elaborate art.  Also note, however, that it’s not elaborate INSTRUCTIONS either.  Many families have found this challenging.



Luckily, there’s an update.  A really OLD update, but certainly newer than McIntyre’s book:


Hello 1980’s!  Kistler was a student of McIntyre, so the lessons match up almost exactly (six pictures per lesson, almost identically ordered to Drawing Textbook), but check out the format:



Now, look at the bottom right hand picture of the house above.  Scroll up and look at the SAME house in the McIntyre pages three pictures up.  See the difference?  Yes, Kistler puts in some silly touches at the end, but apart from that, it’s step-by-step VISUAL instructions.  HURRAY!  See a close up below.


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1 admin April 18, 2014

I probably should use both, but I don’t. Drawing Textbook is in the attic….somewhere.


2 Jamie connors April 18, 2014

I just got the draw squad book. Do you use both or is the drawing textbook pointless if you use draw squad?


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