A Peek Inside: 36 Traditional Roman Catholic Hymns

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I have yet to see another collection of Catholic hymns that is this complete.  It comes with all of the hymns for three years of curriculum, so it’s very worth the price.  If you read music, having the notes is helpful, but regardless, you need the words.  Each year the child listens to the music and eventually tries to sing along.  If you don’t know Latin, this is REALLY hard to do without reading the words.

It comes with a CD of a woman singing the hymns.  The biggest irritation about this CD is that the tracks are so short.  I really wish the song was sung several times in a row so you could walk away from it for a second.  An alternative is to pull the song of the month onto your computer from the CD and put it on repeat.

Also, your child may not be a huge fan of the singer’s voice.  But even if you can find the hymns on youtube, you will still need the words, so this purchase is rather indispensible.


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