How to Make a Child’s Assignment Sheet

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assignment sheet

  1. Identify what weekly work they can do alone, or mostly alone. (I don’t have one of these sheets for the 2nd grader, because he doesn’t do anything alone and/or couldn’t read the assignments yet anyway.)
  2. Type out only what THEY need to know to get it done.  Not the instructions for you.
  3. Be sure to put in there that they are going to work with you individually at some point. This eliminates you writing “do this with me” or “discuss this with me” every few lines and will help get his whole week on one page.  (See my “Mama Class” on his schedule at the end of the day.)
  4. Keep it short and sweet.
  5. Use my format if you like.  The file has 4 weeks so you can see how I do it.

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1 Jamie February 26, 2014

I can’t figure out what RIA stands for in the 30 minute reading section. Do you have your 5th grader read outside of the 30 min for history? My son won’t read for fun so not sure how much I should MAKE him do.


2 admin February 26, 2014

Rosary in Art. (RIA) I spread it throughout the year.

And no, I don’t make them read beyond the time limit. I think it’s 45 minutes for fifth grade. I hand him the textbooks first, then he fills the rest of the time with whatever historical fiction is assigned. One great help to us is that we get some of the fiction on audio and he follows along in the book. Has really upped his fluency. Also, it keeps him from getting bogged down with some of those really hard books.


3 Jamie connors February 27, 2014

So relieved to hear this. I was always under the impression that MODG students read all day for fun. Just my insecurities because my children do not like to read for fun. Nice to know the science and history are ok to count towards the total time.


4 admin February 27, 2014

Yes, count it! Glad to be of help.


5 Kristin August 15, 2013

I like how you break up the science reading over the week. This probably helps with retention and making the week more balanced from day to day.


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