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The “lesson plans” for reading literature aloud for K-3rd are a lists of titles.  I have provided sample plans for each grade, but what if you have a mix? For those of us who like to buy our books at the beginning of the year, there’s no way to tell how many to read or in what order. I’ve provided below a schedule full of titles that you can find on any classic fiction booklist.  Mater Amabilis, Ambleside, Sonlight, Seton, Kolbe.  If you want to limit your read alouds to your school’s picks, pull out your syllabus and highlight this list.  I scheduled the chapters based on a 20-min a day read aloud time (adults generally read around 150 words a minute aloud), so if I didn’t have the word count, I was out of luck.  So, here we go:

Read Aloud List to Rule Them All

I found another one in the archives with even more options.

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1 Ruby October 30, 2013

Hello, thank you for this list. We’re looking to use MODG next year, are the reading lists in the syllabus or would I have to enroll them? I wasn’t going to fully enroll them because they will be 2nd and 4th grade next year and I didn’t feel that enrollment was necessary.


2 admin November 6, 2013

The reading lists are in all of the recent syllabi. If you go too far back, they won’t be there.


3 admin August 10, 2013

I didn’t make one for kindergarten. It’s a string of picture books. This one goes from 1st to 4th.


4 Cecilia August 7, 2013

Thanks for this great sources. Is the Read Aloud to Rule Them All is for reading to kids from grades k to 3rd? I was looking for a kindergarten one and I found this.


5 Susie June 15, 2013

You, my lady, are the Chart Master! Well d
one! Well done indeed!


6 admin June 20, 2013

Awww thank you! what else do we need? I’m in a chart mood!


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