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I have been asked for these a lot, so here they are!  If someone with authority complains, I’ll have to take them down.  They contain all the poems we use for K-4th (there are a few added and removed from the MODG list, sorry!), the catechism questions (some adapted), dates, states and capitals, populations, phonograms, and a blank sheet numbered for weekly spelling words.  I gave you the word doc so that you could make changes if you like.

Poems K-1 in WORD and PDF

1st Grade Catechism as pdf

Memory Work 2GRD-4GRD (including K-1 poems) in Word and PDF

4GRD-5GRD Latin Prayers and Hymn Lyrics in Word

5th grade population data (2014) as pdf

BALTIMORE CATECHISM 2 in Word (5GRD version)

5GRD Poetry in Word in PDF

6GRDpoetry PDF

BCNo.2Q1-149 (6GRD)

7GRD poetry in Word

8GRDPoetry in word 8GRDPoetry pdf

8GRD catechism quizlet printout

VirtuesSins8GRD pdf and VirtuesSins8GRD in word

(I can’t remember where I got the Catechism 2 docs, so if you did the formatting, I’d love to just link you)
How to use:  I print them out double sided, 2 per page, and bind them using my proclick so I can add pages later.  I stick little post-it’s in the sections that they are supposed to review each day.



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1 angela July 13, 2016

Would you be able to share the 8th grade Virtues/Vices document as a PDF? I can’t get the Word document to open. Thank you so much for sharing all this – it is a huge help in preparing for the fall!


2 admin July 14, 2016



3 angela July 14, 2016

You’re the best – thank you! And now that I’m printing, I realize that I am also unable to open the 8th Grade Poetry Word doc… would you be able to share that as a PDF also? Sorry to keep making requests, I missed this one yesterday. Thanks again!


4 admin July 14, 2016



5 Lauren August 16, 2015

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! You just saved me so much time!! We’re starting school tomorrow and I was just realizing I needed to do all of this! Yeah! God bless!


6 admin August 17, 2015

You are so welcome!


7 Elizabeth June 17, 2014

All your work is wonderful!! I was wondering if you have the memory work for
2nd-4th grade (including k-1 poems) in pdf? I can’t get the word to work on my
computer. Thanks


8 admin June 26, 2014

I can make that happen. Check back on this page in an hour.


9 lauren March 29, 2014

Sorry, don’t answer my question about what subjects it covers, I just need to read your post more carefully. :)


10 lauren March 29, 2014

Okay I think I’m going to put together something like this for next year, so I have a few questions: do you essentially make a book for each grade? And is this basically poetry and religion? Does HOW you use it change as they get older? For instance, I assume for the pre-independent readers, the book is just for YOU to hold and ask the questions, but do older kids ever review it alone?


11 admin March 30, 2014

It’s my cheat book for memory time. They don’t use it alone, ever. I keep adding to it as the kids get older. It’s nice to have all the poems and catechism questions in one place, instead of multiple books. And once they get a few years past a set and the assignment says “review all the poems from kindergarten”, I never remember what those were. Also, the syllabus reviews states and capitals and mountain heights and what not for years, so it’s nice to have that in there too, once the cards are unnecessary. It’s pretty much everything but math facts, sight words, and latin vocabulary. Those just don’t work well in a book.


12 Lauren April 1, 2014

Okay thanks. So far I haven’t minded working straight from the books, but even after one year my Harp and Laurel Wreath has taken a pretty big beating, so even for that reason alone, I see the value in doing it this way.


13 admin April 2, 2014

I didn’t need it until my big kids hit fourth and third. I could keep it straight until then.


14 admin October 2, 2013

Beverly, hi! We don’t do every chapter in BC2. I just have the ones for 5th grade in there. Am I missing some of the ones from the lesson plans?

I group the material by subject since she has us review different parts of the same material each week, so yes, I make a master list. Are you enrolled or working from print syllabi?


15 Beverley October 2, 2013

Hi there,

I’m working with the MODG syllabi, but we’re not registered this year. I was trying to put the BC2 questions in the order they were needed for forth grade. A few of those early chapters were missing from the file… I think! I’m not at my computer right now, but I think it was Chapter 10… 23 or 24.


16 admin October 3, 2013

Oh, in fourth they are still in the BC1, unless you have another syllabus edition? Once they get to BC2, it’s just a few questions here and there. Yeah, I don’t have those formatted if you wanted to use BC2 for fourth grade.


17 Beverley September 30, 2013

Yea! – Another awesome resource. Thank you so much! I’ve read several of your posts about lumping all the MODG memory work together , but I’ve never quite gotten quite organized to the point when I can do it consistently. This just might inspire me to get the ball rolling. I do have one burning question though. I see that it isn’t organized by week – and seems to be organized by subjext. Do you have a master list that you work from that keeps you reviewing the right work for the right weeks?


18 Beverley September 30, 2013

Hi again, I’m working with your wonderful resources tonight – and I just noticed that the Baltimore Cat 2 files are missing a few chapters. Before I start typesetting all of that into my newly inspired memory recitation books, I thought I’d check and see if you have a file with all the chapters included. Thanks!


19 admin October 2, 2013

Kristin, tell me when you’re getting close to needing another set and I’ll hook you up.


20 Suise June 24, 2013

Thank you! Maybe we will get back to doing memory work thanks to you!


21 Kristin May 17, 2013

So fabulous! Thank you for sharing. Doing the memory work in one sitting will make life so much more efficient!


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