Composer Timeline for Music Masters

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There comes a time in a kid’s life when they want to see the big picture of history.  A few months ago, my son hit that stage and spent all day with a ruler, pencil, and some adding machine tape.

check it out!

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1 Liesa Gonzalez November 12, 2016

Can you show a closer up of the timeline? Maybe give us the measurements you used and how you situated the dates. Thanks! Love your blog!


2 admin December 21, 2016

Oh my! This was years ago. I didn’t measure anything! Sorry. Boo!


3 Sarah L January 15, 2013

Smart boy…

I have a fold-out timeline in my notebook, and it comes out every time we read history. My kids love to see where things fit. They are less concerned about exact dates, but they want to know what was happening relative to each particular event. I think that cause and effect understanding is so much more valuable than any number of specific dates.


4 admin January 17, 2013

We have a notebook version we use daily, but it’s the adding machine tape down the hall that he loves.


5 Cynthia January 13, 2013

I LOVE this picture – thanks for sharing this – I have been imagining doing something like this – one of my son seems to be able to do this in his brain -We will be discussing a topic in religion or something and he will tell me – “Oh Mom – this happened the same year as the Mayflower landing etc.” We are doing MODG this year with my 3rd grade triplets and my youngest is in 1st. I really appreciate all your sharing – you can’t imagine how much you have helped me manage our curriculum this year with all your great ideas! Blessings to you!


6 jenn in the yarden January 12, 2013

so so cool! how old is your son?(read: when can i expect mine to experience that inspiration?!)


7 admin January 17, 2013

He is ten. He is all about timelines this year. Every time we study someone, he says, “Is that before or after the Egyptians?” he’s very into ancient egypt


8 Eddie - The Usual Mayhem January 12, 2013

What a fun idea! I love the idea of seeing it all laid out like that. Brilliant!


9 Ang January 12, 2013

I am so glad to see this Thank You…..I needed this..I have been wondering how I could help me kids……with their timeline.. this is easy..simple to do and best of all economical….


10 admin January 17, 2013

I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it! I figured I was talking to myself over here.


11 Angela January 18, 2013

Every single time I get an email from you I look at it, so just because someone may not comment does not mean that they are not reading your material….I had to comment on the timeline because I finally got an answer on what I needed to do. So Thanks again…


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