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English from the Roots Up is a great program.  However, for my visual-spatial learner, it’s a little on the colorless-side.  These cards are not meant to replace the originals.  I don’t include any information about whether it’s Latin or Greek, and I don’t have all the example words using the root.  These are just so that my daughter can practice her latin roots without me “flashcarding” her every day.  Get’s boring, no?

Things you need to know:

  • Click on each image to download.
  • The images are in order with the labels five pictures down.
  • Some images are repeated on purpose.

As you can see in the previous photo, I used the same image and definition twice.  That is because the child learns SONUS and PHONE the same week.  One in each language.


latin set 7


set 8

set 9

set 10

set 11

set 12

last set 1 last set 2

last set 3

last set 4

last set 5

latin labels last

To use this material:

  1. Print out all images and labels above on cardstock and laminate.  (The last list below is a pronunciation guide and doesn’t need to be on cardstock)
  2. Cut cards apart, leaving the definitions attached to the pictures.
  3. Cut apart all of the root labels above.  
  4. Write the Latin root in sharpie on the back of the image/definition card.
  5. Write the definition in sharpie on the back of the label card. (Or just use the English from the Roots up Cards as your label cards)
I use the cards to do two basic learning activites.
WORK 1:  Turn all the image/definition cards and labels face up.  Have child attempt to match the root to the correct image.  To check his work, turn over the image card. The word on the back of the image card and the front of the label should match.
WORK 2:  Turn all the image/definition cards and labels face down.  Have the child attempt to match the root to the correct definition.  To check his work, turn over the label card to face up.  All the words should match.


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1 admin October 7, 2013

Susan, if you like, I can work on completeing the collection.

Cheryl, you’re welcome! Will work for applause. Anything you need me to make?


2 Cheryl Kirkpatrick October 5, 2013

Oh my gosh!!!! Where has this blog been all my life!!!! Thank you soooo much for all of these MODG helps!!!!!!

God bless,


3 Susan August 7, 2013

Your Latin flashcards are going to make my 3rd grader so happy this year! Thank you for creating these. If you have made any beyond the first 30, PRETTY PLEASE could I get some more??? I have already finished many of your recommended do-aheads and I can’t thank you enough for the help in being organized. It has been a great stress relief!
God bless!


4 Susie June 15, 2013

oooooohhhhh aaaaahhhhh… must print these! Beautiful. Thank you!


5 Annie September 22, 2012

These are wonderful, thank you! I have printed many of your cards, and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sharing…


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