Magnetic Botany/Anatomy Activities

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I use the Maybe Montessori botany puzzles and made (adapted) these:

Magnetic botany charts:  seed, root, fruit, stem parts

Bird labelling:  I altered the image from this site, here.

Whale labelling

Labels for all the charts

To use this material, I print out a blank picture and the labelled one.  I print out a set of labels and back them with magnetic tape.  I put the unlabelled diagram on a dollar store cookie sheet.  I put the “answer sheet” under the stack of trays on the bottom right of the plant area.

*Sorry about the picture quality.  My phone wasn’t cooperating.

We own “real” puzzles for the frog, turtle, and fish, but we didn’t own any for the bird and mammals.


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1 admin May 1, 2013

It pulls up on my computer as a word doc. Are you on a mac?


2 Sam May 1, 2013

It worked! Thanks!


3 Samantha Lehmann April 20, 2013

Praise Our Blessed Mother! Another Catholic, homeschool momma! And a Montessorian! I am trying to print your labels to use in our classroom – homeschooling 5 kiddos – but the link does not open anything but a zip file and I can’t find anything in the files. Just connects to the Internet and shows programming and coding. HELP!

Happy Easter!

Sam Lehmann


4 admin January 17, 2013

You have to click on the link, not the images. I’m so glad you like it!!!


5 Mary January 13, 2013

LOVE your site!!!! Am printing so many things that I am excited to use in our homeschool. We love Montessori and are trying to blend all the things we like (classical, Montessori, Waldorf, etc.) to keep things interesting and joyous. Can you tell me how we can download to our computer some of your printables? We don’t have a color printer and I want to do the plant ID stuff (on the metal cookie sheets) but every time I click on the images, there doesn’t seem to be a way to download so I can go to fedex and print them in color. Thank you!!! Mary


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