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For second grade, MODG has daily reading scheduled but no daily lesson plan.  The easiest fix is to take one of the recommended Faith and Freedom readers and read a story a day.  When I’ve used them, I start with the very first primer and go in order, however fast the child progresses, completely ignoring if they’re on the right “grade” according to Seton.  If the early ones are too easy, then the child builds confidence and flies through them.

These days through, I used the reader guides from Sonlight based on the child’s ability.  The guides cost about $6 each (find the reader guides, not the language arts packages >$40).  They have daily lesson plans and discussion questions to check comprehension.  They’re a fabulous substitute.

I have found that even in third grade, most of the history and science is still above my kids’ reading level.  Some of the books are okay, but most of those don’t come until late in the year, so I will at least have to supply reading material for all of second grade, and at least the first six months of third, since I will be reading the science and history aloud.


I require that the child do a certain amount of aloud reading to me during school time until I am sure they’ve got it.  Once they’ve demonstrated a solid ability with it (for first child it was fourth grade) then they can do the reading silently and come narrate to me.

If you don’t want to use the FF Readers, then I have easy readers in order of difficulty on a chart HERE.  We start with the beginning in those too and go in order of what I have on the shelf.  If I don’t own one and the child finds the next one I own too difficult, I head to the library to get a few more at that level.

As a general guideline, first graders should read aloud from a book or 100EZ for 10 minutes a day, 20 in 2nd, 30 in 3rd, and we’re working up to 40 in fourth.

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1 Mary September 1, 2012

Can you tell me the name of the book ( picture above, with St. Martin)? thank you


2 admin September 5, 2012

Book of Sanctity, Faith and Freedom Readers, Seton Press. Be sure to get the color version. My kids balk at the black and white used copies.


3 Sharon May 19, 2012

I would love to see your easy reader chart in order of difficulty; nothing seemed to be linked to the “HERE.”


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