Mini-Loom for Little Hands

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I picked up this little beauty on ebay for $15.  I have yet to find the company again as the shipping was SO delayed that ebay refunded my purchase a week before the loom actually arrived.  Also, all the instructions were in RUSSIAN.  So, I had to learn to use it on my own.  the kids quickly worked through the yarn provided and I have to go buy more, not knowing what type (RUSSIAN, remember?).   But, after lots of effort to learn how to string it, my kids still LOVE it.  It’s made by THIS company.  I highly recommend it, but if you find it somewhere, write me so I can walk you through the “warping” once you’ve used the first batch.

Things that are missing from the set that would come with a big person loom…the reed hook, the vice that secures the loom to the table during the warping, and the warping pin.  All are shown in the video linked above.

However, this is the coolest little loom ever.  It has a “beater” and the alternating threads are switched by pushing down on that middle bar thingy.  Love my technical knowledge?

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1 Sarah L April 16, 2012

What a great find! If I had something like that, I would take it to our local weaver’s guild. If you don’t have one, you might try taking it to a local yarn shop. There are often experienced weavers who can help you.


2 Javalady62 April 1, 2012

This Mini Loom looks Great !!


3 admin April 2, 2012

Thank you! We really do love it.


4 Karyn April 1, 2012

This is so great! I took a weaving class in college. I would love to get a little mini one. Also, I wanted to thank you for putting together a coloring book for the Burgess Animal book. I will add it to my resource list on my blog. I subscribed, and can’t wait to check it out…


5 admin April 1, 2012

Be sure to tell me what images are missing!


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