Our School: Work Trays Instead of Boxes

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I think it’s most correct to say that “I” use work trays.  Or work boxes with trays instead of boxes.  Whatever.

Anyway, each child’s crate has a set of dollar store cookie sheets and the individual subjects stacked on each.  Since the kids do most of their work with me, I find that the stack of trays keeps me organized, not them.  I do, however, send them out to do they’re “alone” work with a stack of trays.

Trays just take up so much less space!  Above you can see that I have six subjects stacked up for my nine-year-old and it barely takes up more space than the one subject I have set out for my second grader.

Below is the oldest, doing his reading.  His tray has a book, chart, and timer.

Here’s another shot of the trays spread out.  This is memorization (Latin, history dates), cursive, and spelling with a flip camera to make it more entertaining.  I don’t force a certain order, in fact, I just stack the trays according to ease of transport.  That one with the camera would be on top since the stack would tip unattractively.

More trays all spread out.  Big kid loves to take pictures.

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