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I have one lone shelf for my Montessori set-up.  The only items that you will find there are set out daily, and as usual, the story-telling bag is already gone and in use.
  • Our local vertebrate classified cards
  • Zach’s known sandpaper letters
  • A base ten bead set (‘limited bead material’ to Montessorians)
  • Zach’s object boxes for sorting by sound (matches the sandpaper letters)
  • Callie’s object boxes for word building (‘moveable alphabet’ to Montessorians)
  • Our storytelling bag (read:  13 peg people plus all the leftovers that didn’t make the object boxes)
This is the only section of our homeschool with more than a one-week life span.  The rest of the house looks like this:
Trays on the tables, floor, and fireplace.  Changed weekly.

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