Phonics Unit: ai, ay, au, aw, ee

in Montessori

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This week, we did: ai, ay, aw, au, and ee.
1.  We started with the a few objects (crayon, pail, bee, saw, haunt, ray, deer, spray, etc.) and my phonogram rocks.  From there I built a few more word examples without objects.
2.  The next day, I got out my word matching cards: ai ( lanternfish ),  ay ( $ ),  aw ( lanternfish ),  au ( $ ), ee ( lanternfish ).   I set them up in groups by rule and she did them one at a time.  
3.  Further exercises:  Mix the cards and match, word building with pictures and objects.  Above you see a “secret word” activity I learned from Montessori.  I put the objects in a pretty box and wrote a word on a slip of paper.  She hunted through the box to find the word I was thinking of.

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