Motor Development: Sanding and Screws

in Montessori

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Materials Needed:  Dollar Tree tray, Dollar tree ramekin for screws, three screws, small screwdriver, piece of scrap lumber (got mine from the trash can in the cutting section at Lowe’s), sanding sponge

Set up and presentation:

  1.  Before calling child, assemble materials as shown and make a few starter holes in your lumber.
  2.  Call child over and tell him you have something (totally cool) to show him.
  3.  Ask child to feel the wood before you sand.
  4.  Demonstrate sanding the lumber, with the grain, holding it steady.
  5.  Draw child’s attention to the powder created and the new feel of the wood.
  6.  Then demonstrate placing a screw in a hole and screwing into the wood.
  7.  Then unscrew and place it back in the ramekin.
  8.  Place materials back on tray so they are ready for the next time.

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